SFP2185-05: SFP Switch 1.25Gig Transceiver Module

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1.25G Multi-Mode Fiber, SFP, 850nm

EnGenius's premium TAA compliant SFP SFP2185-05 transceiver is a hot-swappable, multi-purpose module that supports up to 1 Gigabit Ethernet. The transceiver provides 1.25 Gbps serial optical data transfer rates on a single duplex fiber core up-to 500 meters at 850nm VCSEL wavelength, ideal for connecting switches and routers between and across floors and across business parks and campuses.

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Product Specifications

Product Highlights
  • Premium SFP MSA Compliant Transceiver

  • 1.25G Multi-Mode Fiber, SFP, 850nm

  • 1.25 Gigabit Data Rate

  • 500 Meter Distance

  • 850nm VCSEL Wavelength

  • Hot-Swappable Duplex LC Connector

  • Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliant

  • Manufactured in Taiwan
Technical Specifications

Standard Compliance
IEEE 802.3z

Data Rate Gigabit

Media Type

Optical Transmission Power
-10 ~ -3 dBm

Optical Receiver Sensitivity
-18 dBm


Supply Voltage
3.15V ~3.45V

Max Voltage/Current

0°C ~70°C

5~95% (non-condensing)

Dimensions (Lx W x H)
55.9mm x 14.69mm x 12.39mm

Compliant with Class 1 Laser International safety Standard with EN 60825-1